Do You Need A New Roof Or A Roof Repair?

Where you are going to dinner is an easy choice. Making big decisions on home repairs not so much. It’s never easy and most homeowners contemplate on two decisions concerning the same issue for weeks at a time. They are deciding which way or method is going to work within their budget.

One of the biggest and most costly choices is your roof. When do you replace it or just repair it and get the remaining 10 years of life left in your roof? We all want to make the best cost-effective choice when it comes to our roofs.

The first question you want to ask yourself is, Can it just be patched or repaired? Most of the time with some research and basic knowledge you may be able to replace those few missing shingles and or patch those pesky leaks. A quick DIY could save you some money. If you are not sure always call a contractor. The second question is do you re-roof or get a whole new roof? In either situation, you are going to have a bottom line cost that may not agree with your wallet.

Small improvements or repairs to a roof that still may have a lot of life in it could be the way to go if you’re looking to make a dollar stretch. Replacing damaged shingles or shingles that have been torn off due to wind storms is the best way to get the remaining life out of your current roof. Although if you go this route the downside is that if your roof is not relatively new you’ll have to be concerned with if the shingles match up exactly. Will you be able to look at your roof and not be unhappy? If your roof is older there may be a good chance that your shingles are out of stock or they may not make that specific shingle anymore. When you are looking at the lifetime of a roof you have to expect that the roofing industry has made some improvements to shingles and roofing material alike. If you plan to sell your home always opt in for a new roof. Its a major plus to new buyers and in the end you’ll get your investment back.


If you have damage that is localized to one side of your roof, A partial re-roofing is an option. Re-roofing may save you more money. A simple re-roofing repair to a certain section could save you thousands of dollars compared to a whole new roof.

Asphalts roofs can be more expensive if you need to do a partial re-roof due to several layers of old roofing underneath. In most cases, all layers will have to be removed in order to make sure the job is done right with absolutely no wrinkles, bumps or humps in the roof. Therefore, you will have an increase in labor cost.

Once you have reached a decision about wither re-roofing or a new roof you’ll have to decide whether to install over your old roof or to tear the old one off and start fresh. This is a money game and keep that in mind when making these decisions. The choice is going to be based on how much you can afford and whether you want to spend less now and possibly more in the future or just more upfront to get it done right the first time. HINT: If you currently have 2 old layers of roofing its against the International Residential Code. You MUST Get a whole new roof. If you do only have one layer you may want to go ahead and lay your new roof on top. Big money saver and in most cases you won’t see a problem or need repairs just as if you put a new roof on.

New Roof

If more than one area of your roof is showing signs of wear and tear it may be a good option to invest in a new roof altogether. It will cost you less now to do the whole roof than one part now and another later on. When you choose to get a new roof it gives you many different options that re-roofing and adding a layer of roof doesn’t. One major advantage is that it gives you the chance to inspect your roofing deck. You will be able to check for wood rot and see if the sheathing fasteners are deteriorating in any way. You or your contractor can make necessary repairs that will help keep cost down in the future. Another advantage to removing all old shingles and roofing felt is that you get the chance to add ice-and-water shield membrane along the eaves to help prevent damage due to ice.

When you sit down and debate on re-roofing or a new roof there are many choices and advantages to both. Although a new roof is a huge expense up front it may be worth it in the end. There are better choices out today that may ultimately better protect your home for decades. Or re-roofing which will save you money but you’ll have to think about missing shingles after storms and if under all the old roof the roof rack is in good condition. Last, you can always make simple repairs to your roof to get the remaining life out of it and save some money in the process. The choice is yours.

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